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What is Henna brows, why is it the latest brow craze and how to make them last– here’s what you need to know!

Henna temporarily stains your skin and hair without the lifelong commitment of an eyebrow tattoo! Henna when done right producing AMAZING Brows, subtly staining your skin and hair, setting to a powder like MATTE finish which lasts for longer than a brow ensuring that your brow shape is on point. Henna is available in different colours to help you achieve either a natural or a bold look.


Did you know?

It’s 98% natural with no ammonia or peroxide
It can last 2 – 14 days on your skin depending on your skin type. The drier your skin is, the longer it will last – so make sure you chat to your consultant about your skin type!
Henna leaves you with a finished powdered matte look, like you’ve just done your makeup.
Henna is available in different colours that can be matched and customized to your eyebrows!

Getting the best out of your Henna Brows

Do not get them wet for the first 24 hours (including showers, sweating, washing your face etc)
Avoid using exfoilants on your brows or cleansers that may contain acids such as AHA, BHA, lactic, Glycolic etc
And besides that……….. No aftercare needed! Just perfect brows!

Are you going to get on the Henna Brow Band?

xoxo signing off,

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