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Party/express Lashes 

PLEASE NOTE: Party lashes once applied can not be wet

Why cant I wet my party lashes?

Party Lashes are a temporary fix. The adhesive used to adhere them lasts only a night or 2, however if you keep them away from water you can get up to 1-2 weeks wear out of them!

What is the difference between party lashes and Extensions?

Party Lashes are a small Cluster of approximately 10 lashes Creating a much full voulme look in speedy time.they are applied with a tempory latex glue so not to damage your natural lashes, as they are applied to mulitipl lashes.True Eyelash Extensions- is one single extension applied to one of you natural lashes creating a natural look. lasting 4-6 weeks and you can get them wet after 48 hours!

What are Party lashes and how are they applied?

They are a small cluster of approximately 10 synthetic eyelashes. These are applied to the the skin and base of your lashes using a latex eyelash adhesive.

How are party lashes applied?

One cluster (approximately 15-20 clusters per eye) is applied to the the skin and base of your lashes using a latex eyelash adhesive

How long do party lashes last?

Approximately 1-2weeks if you dont get them wet.

Do party lashes feel different?

Yes they do as the application techniques are completely different. Eyelash Extensions are applied to the hair and never touch the skin.Party Lashes are applied to the skin and hair. . having said that they are both lightweight and extremely comfortable.

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